LFC-50 biodigester - Digests 17–150 kg (38–330 lb) of food waste per day

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The LFC biodigester is a fully enclosed automatic food waste digester that disposes of most food waste within 24 hours. The LFC biodigester is currently on the eighth generation build.

The LFC biodigester is a machine that eats food waste. It is constantly digesting and can eat most types of food waste — from preparation to post consumer.

You add your waste at any time by opening the door, putting in the waste, and closing the door. The LFC biodigester is fully automatic and takes care of the rest. All waste is converted to grey water that is safely discharged down the drain.

Power Knot has nine different machines with varying capacities.

Features of the LFC biodigester

The LFC biodigester is a fully automatic machine that disposes of most food waste within 24 hours.

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  • Greatly reduces costs to dispose of waste food
  • Reduces size, quantity, and smells of trash bins
  • Eliminates flies and rodents that may be attracted to garbage bins containing waste food
  • Saves time and injuries of employees carrying trash outdoors
  • Weigh and dispose of food waste in one machine
  • Food waste does not go to landfill where it creates methane
  • Easily report CO2 equivalent diverted from landfill via the LFC Cloud
  • Key element in making a facility have zero waste
  • Payback is typically 6 to 24 months
  • Significantly reduces carbon footprint of business

Optional Add-ons:

Constantly Digesting

The LFC biodigester is a fully enclosed automatic biodigester that disposes of most food matter within 24 hours. The LFC biodigester can be used to save money at a variety of facilities that have food waste. The LFC biodigester  is designed, developed, and manufactured in Silicon Valley and will reliably digest for up to 15-25 years.

Download the LFC family data sheet here.

Built for the World

The first food waste digester with certifications for:

  • CE
  • TUV US
  • TUV Canada
  • NTEP

Technical Specs

Capacity per Day

17–150 kg (38–330 lb)


All stainless steel (chassis, side panels, drum, shaft, arms, paddle, and load cells)


90 x 68 x 101 cm (36 x 27 x 40 in)


3 years on all parts and components

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