PRICE PER M2 - 1,35 m. x 2,32 m - 3,13 m2


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Color: PLYWOOD ANTHRACITE (Exterior and interior)

Traditional timber remains undergo process and joined together for construction material. Full of texture and warmth, the decorative panels that imitate the wooden boards give a new look to any room.




    MSD Realistic Wall panels are the ideal solution for decorative cladding. They are strong and durable, unaltered by the sun and high temperatures, waterproof, anti-humidity, with climate insulation and resistant to erosion and thermal shock. Due to their light and flexible construction they can be placed on flat and curved surfaces. Precise colours obtained through a combination of mineral pigments that are printed inside the material itself, obtaining colour fastness both inside and out.

    • Noise reduction
    • Sound clarity
    • Aesthetics and customization
    • Quick installation
    • High quality panels

    Basic Information

    • Material: Polyester resin and fibreglass.
    • Measurements: 1,35 m. x 2,32 m.
    • Weight: 24 kg.
    • Surface: 3,13 m2.


    • Resistance: Highly resistant to impact and chemical products.
    • Reaction to fire: M3. Available in version Bs2, d0 (fireproof).
    • High thermal resistance: Does not contract or expand.
    • Not affected: Not affected by inclement weather and UVA rays
    • Water resistant: Suitable for installation in wet rooms.
    • Use: Exterior and interior. Walls and ceilings.
    • Durability: 10-year warranty.

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