PRICE PER M2 / MODULE DIMENSIONS 2510 × 1250 × 8 mm

Swisspearl Avera

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Color: AV060
Natural, cloudy and unique

Avera is a naturally dried and coloured-through fibre cement panel with a dynamic production process that gives it an unmistakably natural and authentic texture. The colour range around Avera is composed of versatile and combinable shades that ideally bring out the cloudy look of the colour line.The highly resistant standard coating makes these panels particularly scratch-resistant and protects them from heavy soiling and graffiti. The transparent coating allows the natural appearance of the fibre cement to shine through, creating a lively surface look with varied texture and dynamic colour tones.


1. Fireproof
2. Sound-insulation
3. Long-lasting and economical
4. Frost resistant
5. Maintenance-free

Basic Information

• Base panel

• Structure/Surface

• Optics

• Colours
9 colours

• Addition
Avera is available for interior in format Largo.


• Module dimensions
• 2510 × 1250 × 8 mm
• Fireproof
• Sound-insulation
• Long-lasting and economical
• Frost resistant
• Maintenance-free

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