Lavraki, Condor grass



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Artificial grass is easy to install, has a very natural appearance, is UV-resistant and very durable. The lawn is well maintained all year round and without shedding a drop of water. It gives the feeling of natural grass and is ideal as a play ground for family homes.

• Type: C shape
• Material: PE + PP
• Dtex: 5800 Dtext/8F + 3300 Dtex/8F
• Yarn weight: 940gr/m2 (+/-5%)
• Yarn Height: 30mm+/-1mm
• Turf Gauge: 3/8’
• Stitches: 15 (0-3%)
• Density: 15750 +/-3%
• Primary backing PP Cloth
• Secondary backing: Non woven
• Drainage holes/ m2: 80 – 100 / m2 (each 5mm)
• Osmosis: 1600 – 1800 L/H/MA
• Function: Landscaping
• Roll width (m): 4m
• Total weight: 2133gr/m2 (+/-15%)
• Fire resistance: EN13501-1 : 2007+A1:2009 Efi

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