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Floor selection is one of the crucial points in the design of any interior. Vinyl floors win favour of more and more people, mainly through their modern fabrication very attractive appearance and undemanding maintenance. Chemical resistance of the surface, very low noise level, suitability for floor heating or resistance of the flooring against wet environment are also noteworthy.

Vinyl tiles can be used in both, private and commercial sector. Contrary to wooden floors, vinyl takes pride in high walking comfort, which is caused by high-quality pattern of the flooring surface. You may choose from the wide range of decorations.


It is nigh on impossible to identify Thermofix vinyl flooring from natural wood visually, only touching it might reveal the truth.

Basic Information

• Flooring resistance against wet environment
• High resistance against wear and tear
• Excellent dimensional stability
• High chemical resistance of the surface
• Suitable for floor heating systems
• Very low noise level
• Resistance against wheelchair effects
• Ability to combine patterns
• Economical even for segmented areas
• Good thermal perception and easy maintenance


Due to its structure, Thermofix ranks amongst the best quality heterogeneous vinyl flooring available anywhere today. The wear layer is provided with a mechanical pattern and polyurethane layer, which facilitates maintenance, increases durability and extends service life. Moreover, the flooring is reinforced with glass matting to ensure maximum dimensional stability.

• PUR surface treatment
• Wear layer
• Decoration layer
• Glass fibre
• Bottom layer
• DIMENSIONS (mm): 1200x180 / 900x300 / 650x450
• Thickness (mm): 2.5
• Wear layer thickness (mm): 0,80

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